Rescue Pictures

Pictures of just a few of Trish’s and Jeff’s Fosters and Rescue Babies

Brees has sumfin’ to say sleeping in his favorite place, Momma’s laundry basket.

Thank You - love BreesBrees Sweepin in da wandry basket

Brees’ brother Bozz, who can’t hold his licker and as the rare and beautiful Bozz Blossom

Bozz LickerRare and beautiful Bozz Blossom

Trish found Brees’ brother Lumpy, the first Bullie that she and Jeff rescued when she  was volunteering at EBRP Animal Control and rescued him, after she sat on the wet concrete floor with him and hand fed him food and water for 6 days until she could bring him home to save him……and just look at that handsome devil now.

Lumy BeforeLumpy After

Lumpy sleeping in the sun with his skunk baby and keeping watch over his sister Sunshine

Bug Sleepin in the sunLumpy and Sunshine

Trish, Jeff and Pretty the day he and Trish picked her up in Slidell for the last leg of the rescue train, all the way from Miami, Florida to Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Jeff and Pretty   Trish and Pretty190620_1931845942886_1199270_n   003

Pretty after Trish and some very loving vets made her all better

969732_10201419722122038_2030170978_n    467553_10201545240579921_2091749167_o

Precious with her soccer ball, and unfairly imprisoned with her brother Lumpy

PreciousBullies unfairly imprisoned


Sweet Miss Saphie and her brother Onnie with Santa Claws

IMAGE_00174Onnie and Santa

Bibby Girl, not happy with her e-collar


The Baby Burrito. We knew he couldn’t make it more than a few days, but Trish and his big brother Lumpy made sure he was never scared or alone.

Trsh Cam 7-4-08 500Trsh Cam 7-4-08 477

Honey after her first knee surgeries and Nubbin after she got her first tumor removed

Honey at hospital002

Gravy, because his new brother’s name was Biscuit, before and after.

Gravy ScarGravy after

Lumpy and his sister, Essie Mae, at Mardi Paws

Krewe of Mutts 2010 (6)  l

l (6)


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Or if you would like to donate directly to the big-hearted vets that Brees and their other rescue dogs see, their contact information is listed below, as Trish and Jeff have outstanding bills at all of these vet’s offices.

All accounts at the vet clinics below are under the name Trish Brumfield.

Sherwood South Animal Hospital (Balance = $800.00)
Where Brees had his latest emergency surgery, which was over $1700.00 total.
You will have to speak to the manager Susan directly, as they are working on a payment plan, so the personnel who answer the phone will not see a balance on the account.
225-293-6440 or 225-315-3128 if Susan is not available at the first number.

Central (& Sherwood Forest) Animal Hospital (Balance = $1373.74)
This is a another vet clinic whose big hearted vets help Trish with her rescues.

Housepet Housevet (Balance = $1,558.43)
This is where Trish used to work as a vet tech for her friend Carrie, before her surgeries.

Again, thank you all so much for taking the time to read this and understand.

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