Brees Story

Trish Anna, a fabulous, big hearted bully mom and rescue angel, and her family need our help.

She currently has three rescued bully butts that have stayed with her, as they were all unadoptable for different reasons – Lumpy, Bozz, and Brees, and has given three other unadoptable rescue bullies a loving forever home until they made their trip across the rainbow bridge – Precious, Onnie, and Saphie, and we have lost count of how many have lived with her as fosters until they could find their own loving forever homes.

The hardest luck babies that she has kept have all had serious medical issues which have required multiple surgeries, special care, and lifelong medications…and poor baby Brees has really had a tough time recently.

Brees came into rescue at the age of 2. He was badly abused and has issues because of it that will not allow him to be safely adopted. He had been left outside and horribly abused by a man. It took him three days to quit biting Jeff, Trish’s husband, before he could accept that a man was not going to beat or kick him. They are now inseparable, and Trish and Jeff have kept him ever since, rather than euthanizing an innocent baby baby, just as they have done with other unadoptable rescue fosters that she and and her husband have taken in and accepted as their own adopted children.

Recently Brees had to have emergency surgery. The vet initially thought that it was cancer, but discovered that it was his spleen that was twisted and trying to re generate itself around his large intestine. The vets think that this was a result of the prolonged physical abuse that Brees suffered for the first two years of his life. Brees was also diagnosed with megacolon at that time which is rare in dogs, and has limited vision in his right eye and dry eye in his left eye.

Trish and Jeff have never asked for help before, and have taken care of their own rescue animals (including putting one of their beloved rescues through chemotherapy for over $15,000..RIP sweet Essie Mae, over $4,500 in surgery to repair another rescue’s knees…Honey is still alive today and can walk on her own now…to name just two of many) and their many fosters.

Their financial troubles began when Trish had 7 major surgeries in 2011, including two cancer biopsies, and an 8th surgery December 2012, which forced her to drop out of school and has left her unable to work. They also had to move as while she was housebound recovering from multiple surgeries, her drug addict neighbor had attempted to physically assault her and threatened to kill her. Eventually she had to get a permanent restraining order against him, but was still scared for her and her dog’s safety after spending thousands of dollars in legal bills, only to find out that her protective order is only an expensive piece of paper, and being advised by the local police that she should carry a gun when she lets her babies out in their own backyard.

Jeff is the only one working now and they have not been able to sell their other house, as it needs work that they cannot afford to hire someone to do, or physically do themselves. Jeff was working on their old house but was diagnosed with a rare disorder called Ramsey-Hunt Syndrome, which paralyzed the left side of his face and was therefore initially misdiagnosed as Bell’s Palsy. The misdiagnosis, which was discovered when his symptoms worsened rather than improving (and grew to include partial loss of vision in his left eye, partial loss of hearing combined with painful noise sensitivity in his left ear, tremors in his left arm, vertigo and loss of balance, among others), caused him to start the correct medications (including high-dose anitviral drugs and steroids) over a month after the symptoms appeared. He was then ordered to start a strict course of daily electrical stimulation therapy and bed rest, and had to take short term disability leave from both of his jobs (as a computer programmer for disaster recovery projects in the daytime, and a computer programming college instructor at night) for the first time in his life. This also left him physically unable to finish doing the work on their old house that needs to be done before it can be rented out or sold.

They are now paying two mortgages along with massive medical bills for themselves and their animals, and legal expenses from their years of navigating the legal system in a futile attempt to stop their neighbor, who has been charged with assault, intimidation of a witness, repeatedly breaking a protective order, and other crimes, and has now also been declared mentally unfit – and continues to live in his house, free and unfettered to spend his disability income to finance his abuse of drugs and people.

Despite all of this, Trish has continued to work with rescue, saving dogs from kill shelters and neglectful or abusive homes, sometimes even paying the former owners to let her get these babies into rescue, organizing and sometimes driving transport on rescue trains, and she and Jeff have continued to take in fosters when there was no other choice to save another innocent life.

With all that Trish does for rescues, including working on auctions and fundraisers for others, we have finally convinced her to allow us to have this fundraiser to help pay the vet bills for Brees and their other dogs, which she did not want to do – because she did not want to be selfish.

We need to support people like Trish and Jeff who help rescues in so many ways by helping her with her rescued fur-kids. Caretakers are some of the most overlooked and under appreciated people, and we can help them and show them just how much we appreciate the compassion she shows to animals.

Whether you can help or not, thank you all so much for taking the time to read this and understand what some people are willing to do to speak for those who have no voice to speak for themselves – and save as many innocent lives as they can, no matter what the personal cost.

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Or if you would like to donate directly to the big-hearted vets that Brees and their other rescue dogs see, their contact information is listed below, as Trish and Jeff have outstanding bills at all of these vet’s offices.

All accounts at the vet clinics below are under the name Trish Brumfield.

Sherwood South Animal Hospital (Balance = $800.00)
Where Brees had his latest emergency surgery, which was over $1700.00 total.
You will have to speak to the manager Susan directly, as they are working on a payment plan, so the personnel who answer the phone will not see a balance on the account.
225-293-6440 or 225-315-3128 if Susan is not available at the first number.

Central (& Sherwood Forest) Animal Hospital (Balance = $1373.74)
This is a another vet clinic whose big hearted vets help Trish with her rescues.

Housepet Housevet (Balance = $1,558.43)
This is where Trish used to work as a vet tech for her friend Carrie, before her surgeries.

Again, thank you all so much for taking the time to read this and understand.

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